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Home Schooling Online with The Jubilee Academy The Premier PreK-12 Christian Online Home School Curriculum

The Jubilee Academy Homeschool Staff

The Jubilee Academy Pre K-12 home school program staff is a group of visionary individuals who are committed to harnessing technology to create engaging learning experiences for children. This dedicated group of people have come together to fulfill a common vision: "boundaryless" learning. In this vision, children can move ahead at their own pace after mastering the material. This online home school program has no geographic or economic restrictions. Each child is acknowledged and honored for his or her individual differences and gifts, and home school families will receive the support they need to help them succeed in the difficult but rewarding job of home schooling.

Staff members are available to assist home schooling parents with suggestions, advice and communication through the Jubilee home school message board. They create each course, suggest assignments, answer questions and solve problems.

They are infectious in their passion for communicating and truly care about the educational progress of each home school student. Jubilee Academy Home School staff members are available during school hours all week with the right answer and helpful encouraging attitude, via the Home School Parent/Teacher message board.

Most importantly, The Jubilee Academy online home school program is a complete, parent-led internet home school resource. The parent as teacher heads all classes and teaches all subjects, with guidance from Jubilee Academy Home School staff and the use of parent-password-protected answer keys. While most assignments are graded automatically, others are graded directly by the home school parents, enabling the parent to have control over their home school student's grades, while also providing daily support and guidance to insure their student's academic progress and home school success.

The Jubilee Academy online Home School does not award/transfer credits, issue transcripts, or award high school diplomas. All graduation/attendance requirements are mandated by your local school district.

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