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Home Schooling Online with The Jubilee Academy The Premier PreK-12 Christian Online Home School Curriculum

Our Home School Mission

The Jubilee Academy PreK-12 home school program provides a state-of-the-art Christian world view curriculum for home schooling students in preschool through twelfth grade. We provide the resources and support that home school parents need in order to teach their.

To deliver a relevant and meaningful world-class online home school program from a full range of nationally known publishers.

To offer a multi-sensorial, multimedia curriculum which challenges, engages, and excites home schooling students. This cutting edge program is developed by our team of academic experts.

To provide an innovative forum for Jubilee students to get to know one another in a safe and monitored social center. These outlets and other activities provide peer socialization that will help home school students develop invaluable social skills.

To make each home school student's transition into college or the workforce as smooth as possible. We do this not only by providing them with a rigorous academic experience, but by taking steps to work with local school districts and colleges to enable home schooled children equal consideration as public school students.

To encourage traditional American values such as freedom, justice, and equality. We encourage civic duty, patriotism, activism, and an appreciation for the benefits that living in a democratic society affords. Furthermore, we teach home school children the way governmental processes work on the federal, state, and local level through the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

To grow leaders of tomorrow who will stand for justice, truth, freedom, and other Christian principles. By providing home schoolers with the tools they need to develop a strong faith and Christian worldview, we believe that we are helping to equip warriors for the cause of Christ. We train home schooling children to trust the Lord, think using the logic and wisdom that only a familiarity with Biblical truths can offer.

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