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Our Home School Education Philosophy

The Jubilee Academy Preschool-12 Home School Program is designed to be a home schooling partnership with parents and children. Through this partnership, we provide educational services to meet the needs of every home school student enrolled, especially those with learning disabilities and gifted students.

The Jubilee Academy understands that the rate at which children mature varies greatly from child to child. In addition, the specific learning style of each child differs greatly. As such, we do our best to provide a customizable home school curriculum. Our "Any pace" structure enables home schooling children to progress towards achievable annual goals that families can set together. By forcing children to proscribe to a rigid set of deadlines and grading processes, we believe that the traditional schools are stifling the natural curiosity inside every child.

Home schooling students who are growing and maturing is the mission of Jubilee Academy and the desire of our hearts in Christ.

Home schooling students who are developing their God-given talents, cultivating appreciation of beauty and the arts, and nurturing the imagination is the mission of The Jubilee Academy Home School Program.

The Jubilee Academy is a community of teachers and home schoolers working together to provide home schooling children around the world with a world-class education with no ceilings or boundaries.

The Jubilee Academy Home School Program believes that an education cannot be complete without children gaining an understanding of God's perfect plan for their lives. We believe we can teach this understanding by giving home school students a background in God's relationship with man through studying the Scriptures. We offer several Bible courses that can enable home school students to develop spiritually as well as intellectually. Wisdom can only be attained by seeking God's will. The Bible says that all the knowledge in the world doesn't amount to anything if we don't have wisdom.

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