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Our Home School Convictions

With The Jubilee Academy Preschool-12 home school program, we believe that our mission is to serve Jesus Christ first and foremost in all that we do. This includes the home school process. After all, the home schooling that children receive will affect the thought process and faith that the child will have throughout the course of his or her life. The Bible commands us to "Train up a child in the way he should go…" We take this command into account in everything that we do.

Home schooling children are born with an inherent curiosity, abilities, and dreams that need to be cultivated in an environment that is customized to fit the specific learning style and needs of each child. Because children develop at different rates and in different ways, a "one size fits all" approach can never work.

Children need a thoroughly Biblically-based home schooling education that provides a spiritual, moral, ethical, and academic foundation. We do our best to reflect Biblical truth into every page of our home school curriculum. We seek to provide an alternative with our home school program to the atheistic and humanistic ideals prevalent in today's public school system. The majority of students in this country are systematically subjected to anti-Christ and anti-morality teachings over the course of twelve years. We strongly believe that in order to reclaim the generations for Christ, we must start with the unformed mind of a child.

We believe that home schooling parents, not the government or school district, should have authority over what their children learn. As a corollary, we will not expose your children to any offensive material in our home school curriculum.

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