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Online Homeschooling TECHNOLOGY Courses

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Bring history to life with our MULTIMEDIA packed online homeschooling courses.

Videos, Animations, Simulations, eBooks, Websites, Games are all handpicked to create an ENGAGING and INSPIRING Christian curriculum.

Throughout history, humans have been producers, builders, communicators, consumers, and travelers. During this century, however, the manner in which these activities have been conducted has undergone rapid change. These changes have been caused by the phenomenon known as technology. Through technology, human potential has been multiplied many times. Because of technology, humans can now engage in virtually instant worldwide communication, travel faster than the speed of sound and, build structures and produce durable goods through a high degree of automation. Technology has truly changed the way we live. Since technology has had, and continues to have, an enormous impact on our wayof life, it seems appropriate for all persons to be able to understand and use technology. Our online homeschooling Technology courses are designed to meet t his challenge. The mission of our online homeschooling Technology courses, therefore, is to:

1. Interpret technology- its past, present, and future.
2. Organize and facilitate learning activities that are age-appropriat e, action-oriented, and thematically related to different technological systems such as medical, agricultural & biotechnology, energy and power, information and communications, transportation,manufacturing, and construction technological systems.
3. Demonstrate how other disciplines such as math, science and the humanities relate to and integrate with technology.
4. Assess the impacts of technology on society in general and on individuals in particular.