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Online Homeschooling ART & MUSIC Courses

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Bring ART and MUSIC to life with our MULTIMEDIA packed online homeschooling courses.

Videos, Animations, Simulations, eBooks, Websites, Games are all handpicked to create an ENGAGING and INSPIRING Christian Arts & Music curriculum.

Throughout these courses, our students will meet established music, fine and applied arts performance standards by demonstrating an understanding of the problem solving and communication processes of creating, performing and responding. They will acquire an understanding of classical and contemporary arts and their impact in diverse cultures. First, the arts are core subjects, each containing a distinct body of knowledge and skills. Academic rigor is a basic charac- teristic of a comprehensive education in the arts, including the following:

• Learning through active practice, re- hearsal, and creation or performance of works in the arts
• Reading about the arts and artists
• Researching, writing, and communicating about the arts
• Reflecting on the arts in thoughtful essay or journal writing on one’s observations, feelings, and ideas about the arts
• Participating in arts criticism on the basis of observation, knowledge, and criteria Another important goal of the our courses is to help students make connections between concepts in all of the arts and across subject areas. The fifth strand in our goals re- quires the student to connect and apply what is learned in the arts to other art forms and subject areas and to careers.


Art and Music 2

Art and Music 4

Art and Music 6-8

Art and Music 9-12

art and music K

Christian Symbolism in Fine Art