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Home School Social Center

Home schooling socialization is one of the number one concerns regarding children who home school. People often express the concern that home schooled children will not be properly socialized because they are not exposed daily to the requirements of living within a public school social group.

Many of these same people now recognize that the social environment of many (if not most) schools is actually one of the most compelling reasons to home school your children. These negative social experiences can include bullying, foul language, unbiblical world views, lack of values, and, in increasing cases, emotional and physical abuse. Parents need to understand that not all socialization is "good" socialization. As Christians, we must also consider that we are not to conform to the ways of this world. That means that the socialization opportunities that we provide our children should be edifying to the spirit. Home schooling is one of the best ways to ensure good socialization experiences for your children.

Home school socialization is important to The Jubilee Academy, too. Our solution is the safe and electronically monitored Home School Social Center. Home schoolers can participate in a safe and protected online environment that allows access only to other registered Jubilee home school students. Children still must be made aware of the potential dangers in all Internet based communications and should learn the basic rules of Internet conduct. However, Jubilee's Home School Social Center is a sheltered, closed system. As long as the home schooling students' conversations remain wholesome, they are free to discuss classes, school work, sports, movies, music, or anything else on their minds.

Home schooling students must obey the etiquette rules to maintain their Social Center privileges.

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