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Home School Parents' Role at The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy believes that parents are the first and foremost teachers of every child. Consider the fact that almost all children learn how to speak without being taught by anyone other than their parents. Parents know their home schooled children best and are the most committed to their child.

Parents are called by the Lord to be responsible for their own children. We do not believe this means parents have to do everything for them. After all, most parents rely on the "butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker" for most of their necessities. When it comes to education, many parents need curriculum, goals and objectives, and the support that comes from a group of expert and nurturing professionals like the ones at The Jubilee Academy home school program. The Jubilee Academy provides parents with all they need to take control of their child's home schooling while at the same time removing much of the busywork, planning, and organizational duties that would normally go along with home schooling.

The Jubilee Academy provides a comprehensive parent-led home school lesson plans that parents will love and students will find both relevant and meaningful. Our online home school courses hold a biblical world-view and also align with national and state academic standards.

Most importantly, The Jubilee Academy home school program is a complete, parent-led home schooling resource. The parent as home school teacher heads all classes and teaches all subjects with guidance from Jubilee online home school staff and the use of parent-password-protected answer keys. While many home school assignments are graded automatically, others are graded directly by the parents, enabling the parent to have control over their home school student's grades, while also providing daily support and guidance to insure their home school student's academic progress and success.

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