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Daily Homeschool Lesson Plans

Many home school parents have to spend hours every week scheduling and planning out the following week's readings, assignments, activities, tests, and quizzes. This job can be extremely time-consuming. The Jubilee Academy is proud to announce that we take care of the lesson plans. No more staying up late the night before planning out your child's home school lesson plans!

Our home school curriculum developers have done it all for you! And they include a balanced selection of readings, websites, videos and offline activities. These lesson plans are designed specifically for the skill level of the "average" home schooler and should not be considered to be a hard and fast guideline to follow throughout the year. We encourage parents to deviate from the lesson plans that we provide as they see a need. Only the parent can determine the best learning speed and method for the child.

Remember, our curriculum is designed to be flexible. If you have a student with a learning disability and fall behind on the lesson plan, don't worry! This is just a suggested plan. Likewise, if you are home schooling an accelerated learner, feel free to move ahead in the lesson plan.

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