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Online Home Schooling Algebra Course

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Course Description

Home School Algebra 1 covers early algebra concepts including arithmetic and evaluation of expressions involving signed numbers, exponents and roots, equations and inequalities involving absolute value, scientific notation, unit conversions, solution of equations in one or several variables, polynomials and rational expressions, graphical solution of simultaneous equations and functions, factoring, Pythagorean theorem, algebraic proofs, solution of quadratic equations, direct and inverse variation, exponential growth, and using algebra to solve geometric problems.
Home School Algebra does not require any prerequisites.


This Algebra 1 eBook contains a variety of interactive lessons that help students master mathematical ideas with ease. They are consistently exposed to engaging, repetitive material in order to retain complex concepts.

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0. Important Course Information
0. Important Course Information and Answer Keys
1. Unit 1 Introduction to Real Numbers and Variables I
2. Introduction to Real Numbers and Variables II and Unit 1 tests
3. Unit 2 Operations with Real Numbers I
4. Operations with Real Numbers II
5. Unit 2 test and Unit 3 Algebraic Expressions I
6. Algebraic Expressions II, Unit 3 tests, and Unit 4
7. Solving Equations I
8. Solving Equations II
9. Unit 4 tests and Unit 5 Solving Equations III
10. Problem Solving I
11. Problem Solving II and Unit 5 tests
12. Unit 6 Solving Inequalities I

13. Solving Inequalities II
14. Unit 6 tests and Unit 7 Exponents I
15. Exponents II
16. Unit 7 test and Unit 8 Operations with Polynomials I
17. Operations with Polynomials II
18. Unit 8 tests and Unit 9 Factoring Polynomials I
19. Factoring Polynomials II
20. Factoring Polynomials III
21. Unit 9 tests and Unit 10 Rational Expressions
22. Rational Expressions II
23. Rational Expressions III
24. Rational Expressions IV

25. Unit 10 test and Unit 11 Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities
26. Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities II
27. Unit 11 tests and Unit 12 Slopes and Forms of Equations of Lines
28. Unit 12 tests and Unit 13 Slopes and Forms of Equations of Lines II
29. Systems of Linear Equations
30. Unit 13 test and Unit 14 Roots and Radicals I
31. Roots and Radicals II
32. Unit 14 tests and Unit 15 Roots and Radicals III
33. Roots and Radicals IV
34. Unit 15 tests and Unit 16 Solving Quadratic Equations I
35. Solving Quadradic Equations II and Unit 16 tests
36. Final Exam