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Preschool Home School Curriculum at The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy Home School Program provides a comprehensive preschool curriculum of engaging home school lesson plans, interactive and hands-on activities, weekly field trip options, dynamic videos, songs and stories, and more! To top off our home school program, The Jubilee Academy Home School Program has a Member Services Center available during regular school hours for assistance throughout the home schooling process.

At The Jubilee Academy Home School Program, we believe that children's play is an expression of intelligence and growth. Play is the essential work of childhood and an important part of developing cognitive, emotional, and problem-solving skills. The Jubilee Academy Home School Preschool Program curriculum provides the foundation upon which the academic areas of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are established and basic Bible knowledge is presented.

Preschool children learn best through hands-on, concrete experiences, and this firm foundation helps them learn to make abstractions. The Jubilee Academy Home School Preschool Program provides many opportunities for preschool children to repeatedly explore new abilities and experiment with original knowledge. Preschool children feel safe and free to take risks as they explore the world around them. The Jubilee Academy Home School Preschool Program is satisfying and enjoyable, which will instill a motivation to learn, vital for the progress of every child.

The Jubilee Academy Preschool Home School Curriculum offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary home school program covering all major topics and skills necessary for fundamental development in young children. The Jubilee Academy Preschool Home School Program is built upon weekly themes. You may anticipate exciting themes, such as Children of the Bible, Bugs and Butterflies, Native Americans, and The Jungle.

Grade PreK Homeschooling Courses

Victory Math Pre-Kindergarten: Fun with Numbers

Through engaging counting activities and hands-on projects, children will learn to recognize numerals, identify uses of numbers, and participate in investigating experiences.

Discovering God's Creation Science Pre-Kindergarten: The Wonderful World

Through inspiring activities, videos, and stories, children will explore a variety of experiences that will stimulate curiosity.

Heritage Social Studies Pre-Kindergarten: Me and My Home

Students will enjoy learning about family and home life, community figures, holidays, and history.

Living Word Bible Pre-Kindergarten: God is Good

By examining Bible teachings in an inspiring and stimulating manner, children will want to learn more about their Creator.

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