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Computer Requirements

Although we offer a state of the art homeschool curriculum environment, you don't have to own a state-of-the-art computer to enjoy it! The Jubilee Academy wishes to be inclusive as possible. Our programmers have worked hard to ensure that our online K-12 homeschool program runs well with a wide range of computers. You'll find that even older computers will be able to process the information we provide just fine. There's most likely no need to go out and by an expensive new PC. You definitely do not need to purchase any extra software or hardware to complete our homeschool courses.

The minimum requirements are:

Although not required, we highly suggest a printer.

Multiple homeschool students can use the same computer to complete their courses as long as they log in and out of their separate student accounts appropriately.

We do not guarantee Macintosh compatibility, although a lot of the software and videos work on Macs. In order to make certain that everything is accessible, the student should have a Windows-based computer.

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