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Online homechooling uses technology to do what we used to have to do alone. Jubilee makes online homeschooling infinitely easier and more successful. Online homeschooling students are happier and learn more! Online homeschooling parents have more time to enjoy their children.


    Online homeschooling with our Christian homeschooling program and 150 homeschool online courses with The Jubilee Academy ensures academic success! Pre-K homeschool students get a comprehensive interactive Christian curriculum online. For 13 years, Jubilee has been leader in providing outstanding and proven homeschooling online!


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    The Jubilee Academy gives you 150 accredited multimedia-rich Christian online homeschooling courses. Most online homeschooling courses offer 180 lessons. Your Pace! Your Schedule! Total Flexibility that honors individual differences and lifestyles.

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    You are guaranteed to get all the help you could ever need!

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Homeschool Online with the Jubilee Academy and guarantee your child academic success! 92% of all homeschoolers homeschool online because they know it works! Homeschool Online gives you Daily Lessons, Tests, Excersizes, Learning Games, eBooks, Videos and Simulations--all designed to engage and educate!

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When you home school online using the Jubilee Academy's outstanding christian curriculum you get everything you need to guarantee academic success. Designed by Christian homeschoolers for homeschoolers, we know what is needed to ensure a fantastic educational experience.

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Home Schooling Online with Jubilee Academy is fast becoming the most popular way to educate your children. Considered by many to be "the best of both worlds", you get a professionally designed Christian curriculum packed with over 27,000 high quality videos clips and Daily Lessons that cover every aspect of the subject matter along with a host of tools that makes your homeschooling a joy.

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1. No Prep Time (We do all the work!!)
2. Daily Lessons
3. Comprehensive Coverage of Subjects
4. Choose from over 150 Christian Courses
5. Your Pace
6. Take Courses at Any Grade Level
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How you can Homeschool your kids without a college degree

The Jubilee Academy
Tuesday, 5 April 2016 14:30

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How you can Homeschool your kids without a college degree


A parent wants the best for their child. This may mean the choice of removing that child from a traditional school in order to homeschool for one reason or another. The decision-making process is stressful enough, but what about the parent who never went to college or finish their degree requirements? If you are that parent, you have a lot of resources to help your homeschool your kids succeed academically.


When you homeschool your kids, the early years are the easiest when it comes to content. The secondary years may be more challenging and daunting with or without a college degree. Homeschooling parents and traditional school teachers have the same thing in common: resources. With a rise in homeschooling, your kids have a variety of materials they can use from lessons in a box to online schooling. All of these resources come with guides to help you instruct, reteach, or enrich each lesson.


You are also not alone. The U.S. Department of Education reported in 2013 that over 1.7 million children in the country in grades K-12 are homeschooled. All of these kids have parents within a wide range of education, even some without a college degree. They build a community of homeschooling bloggers, parents who share their tips and resources with other parents, and homeschooling co-ops. Local homeschooling organizations meet to take advantage of homeschooling opportunities or take turns teaching the kids. One parent who is a banker may teach a lesson on consumer economics while another parent may invite the group to their farm for a hands-on life science lesson.


If you are still concerned if you can answer your child’s questions about their work, complete some of the assignments with your child and share strategies and insight that worked for each other.  Some programs provide tutors and teachers online or you can get help from another homeschool parent who has been there.  Support is always available regardless of the curriculum you choose.


You can homeschool your kids without a college degree. The resources that come with the materials and the community of homeschooling parents can give you the confidence you need to make it happen.

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