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Homeschool Online with the Jubilee Academy and guarantee your child academic success! 92% of all homeschoolers homeschool online because they know it works! Homeschool Online gives you Daily Lessons, Tests, Excersizes, Learning Games, eBooks, Videos and Simulations--all designed to engage and educate!

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When you home school online using the Jubilee Academy's outstanding christian curriculum you get everything you need to guarantee academic success. Designed by Christian homeschoolers for homeschoolers, we know what is needed to ensure a fantastic educational experience.

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Home Schooling Online with Jubilee Academy is fast becoming the most popular way to educate your children. Considered by many to be "the best of both worlds", you get a professionally designed Christian curriculum packed with over 27,000 high quality videos clips and Daily Lessons that cover every aspect of the subject matter along with a host of tools that makes your homeschooling a joy.

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  Christian Home School Program Blogs

The Importance of Family Time

The Jubilee Academy
Tuesday, 5 April 2016 14:43

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The Importance of Family Time


Family time is very important to the development of a child.  From eating meals together to one-on-one time, the quality of the time impacts that child for the rest of their life and it will not be forgotten.  Don’t underestimate the importance of family time regardless of the amount of time you can share.


Quantity of Family Time


The amount of family time each family takes varies because all families are different.  Stay-at-home parents spend more time with their child in the first five years before they start school.  Working parents may have a limit to the amount of time as they provide for their family, but that doesn’t mean that the family time is not as important or valued.  Each family can find a balance between family, work, school, and friends.


Quality of Family Time


For many families, the importance of family time starts with the tradition of eating dinner together.  This is the time of day where everyone comes together and shares food as well as the events of the day.  It is the point of the day when all of the distractions are left behind and conversations take precedence. Sadly, adults in the United States average about three minutes in “deliberate conversations” with their child.  This is from a 2014 American Time Use Survey report.  Any parent can strive above this average by turning off the TV (or record the show for later) or turn off the radio in the car while running an errand and just talk with their child.  Other times where the family comes together to share a part of themselves is with family game night, vacation, or even day trips where everyone has a chance to share their interests and things they learn.


Family time can also be one-on-one.  This can be the prep time for dinner or a home repair project that your child can lend a hand.  A parent can also take their child on a “date”.  This is an ideal time to talk about thoughts and concerns without the interruptions from siblings.  Everyone gets a chance to be the center of attention.


Benefits of Family Time


What is the importance of family time? When families share a bond during good, positive times, they can rely on each other on those bad days that are inevitable.  Children who are comfortable talking with their parents are more likely to approach them when conflicts arise, whether it is a problem with a friend or conflicts to their moral or ethical beliefs that they share with their parents.  Overall, the quality of the family time develops a strong bond with the parent and the child and memories of a happy childhood.

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How you can Homeschool your kids without a college degree

The Jubilee Academy
Tuesday, 5 April 2016 14:30

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How you can Homeschool your kids without a college degree


A parent wants the best for their child. This may mean the choice of removing that child from a traditional school in order to homeschool for one reason or another. The decision-making process is stressful enough, but what about the parent who never went to college or finish their degree requirements? If you are that parent, you have a lot of resources to help your homeschool your kids succeed academically.


When you homeschool your kids, the early years are the easiest when it comes to content. The secondary years may be more challenging and daunting with or without a college degree. Homeschooling parents and traditional school teachers have the same thing in common: resources. With a rise in homeschooling, your kids have a variety of materials they can use from lessons in a box to online schooling. All of these resources come with guides to help you instruct, reteach, or enrich each lesson.


You are also not alone. The U.S. Department of Education reported in 2013 that over 1.7 million children in the country in grades K-12 are homeschooled. All of these kids have parents within a wide range of education, even some without a college degree. They build a community of homeschooling bloggers, parents who share their tips and resources with other parents, and homeschooling co-ops. Local homeschooling organizations meet to take advantage of homeschooling opportunities or take turns teaching the kids. One parent who is a banker may teach a lesson on consumer economics while another parent may invite the group to their farm for a hands-on life science lesson.


If you are still concerned if you can answer your child’s questions about their work, complete some of the assignments with your child and share strategies and insight that worked for each other.  Some programs provide tutors and teachers online or you can get help from another homeschool parent who has been there.  Support is always available regardless of the curriculum you choose.


You can homeschool your kids without a college degree. The resources that come with the materials and the community of homeschooling parents can give you the confidence you need to make it happen.

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Daily Life of the Christian Homeschooler

The Jubilee Academy
Tuesday, 5 April 2016 14:26

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How is the daily life of a Christian homeschooler different than the daily life of the average student? It may not be that different.


If you ask the mothers of a Christian homeschooler about their schedule, it will often have many similarities to other children. In both cases, they have enough structure to meet all of the expectations and responsibilities of the child’s development. From wake up and breakfast to extracurricular activities after school, they are near identical. Christian children who attend public school will also have family devotion time, say their prayers, and participate in church-sponsored activities.


The daily life of a Christian homeschooler differs from traditional students by the content of their lessons. Often the day begins with prayer and Bible study – subjects that are never offered in the public school setting.  Parents often choose to homeschool their child so that they can incorporate Scripture as part of the reading and writing instruction for the spiritual, moral, and academic growth.  The schedule of the homeschooler can be as flexible or rigid as the parents chooses in order to meet those academic goals. They may work from 9 to 3 or they may finish lessons for the day by lunchtime so that they can work on hands-on projects or enrichment that is not possible in a traditional brick-and-mortar school.


The daily life of a Christian homeschooler is full of educational possibilities that focused on the lessons of the Bible and the Christian values that are not offered in schools. Their physical, mental, and spiritual development comes from the quality of their studies integrated in their daily life.

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The Importance of Characters in Online Homeschooling by Mimi Rothschild

The Jubilee Academy
Saturday, 23 May 2015 10:11

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The Importance of Characters in Online Homeschooling

by Mimi Rothschild


Online homeschooling courses that are emotionally compelling are the most engaging. These are the type of courses we create for our Christian homeschooling curriculum. Adding characters to an online homeschooling course can make a big difference in the engagement factor.  Regardless of who the students are,  characters have the same unique effect of increasing realism and reliability.


1.  We start by creating a character profile and a script.

Before proceeding to integrate characters in an online homeschooling course, we devise a plan of who the character will be and what will be the mode of interaction with the subject matter. We accomplish this goal by designing a profile that clearly states the traits of this character, its mannerism, the tone it will be using and even the back story behind it. A script has to be written in advance to ensure that we have reached the learning objectives for the online homeschooling course. We hire outstanding writers who are well versed in the subject matter we are presenting.

2.  Roles Characters Play

Our instructional designers decide on the role your character is going to play. Characters in our online homeschooling courses play a wide range of roles. They are either the narrator or the guide for a course when you want the students  to be taken through the online homeschooling course in a more exciting, entertaining and engaging way. The character sometimes poses questions that get your students to think about the specific module. We also have the option of having the character point out tips or key points to ensure that the learning process is more captivating. With all these options at our disposal you should have a clear plan of what role the character will adopt.

3. Selection of the character image should be wise

The characters used in online homeschooling courses are portrayed in the form of animations, photos, cartoons, or even as real people as is the case for webinars. Our choice of the image to use as a character should be a prudent one as this will heavily impact the effectiveness of our online homeschooling course. For example, a character for our Intro to Business online homeschooling course could be dressed in a polished and professional business attire.

4.  Our Instructional Designers Conduct Research on your audience to align your character’s dialogue and personality.

Our target audience is always taken into consideration while selecting the character.The characters  appearance as well as the tone that they will use as these should be in line with the audience. We research any technical terms that may bused  to grant authenticity to the situation. The tone that is desired and other significant points are reviewed and critiqued. Our students must be able to relate to to our characters.Stereotypical  or archetypal personalities in a given subject are integrated into our character’s portfolio to make it more real. This has the effect of making the character recognizable as well as helping the learner to easily connect with the subject matter in a better fashion.

5. The audio should be realistic and relevant.

Our instructional designers often include audio in our online homeschooling courses. Character dialogue or narration should always be as relevant and realistic as possible. The character speaks in a way that is natural and fitting for a particular environment. Diverging into tangents will only distract the student from the important pieces of information which they need to acquire. We hire the services of a professional voice over  actors whose narration of scenes  make the course more real  and powerful.The key thing to keep in mind when our instructional designers are developing and integrating online homeschooling characters is that they must have an additive effect to the learning experience. They should not be a distractor to the learner from the intended objective or subject matter.


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Online Homeschooling Programme – 5 Best Videos for Teaching Homeschoolers about 911

The Jubilee Academy
Tuesday, 2 December 2014 20:18

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Al Qaeda is an Islamic terrorist group that launched a series of four deadly and well-coordinated attacks on United States of America on September 11, 2001. These attacks resulted in the killing of about 3000 people and the damaging of properties and infrastructural facilities with a cost of over $10 billion. That attack has since been referred to as September 11 or 911.

The destruction of the Twin Towers, the international trade center that the attacks were focused upon led to the closing and collapse of many businesses. The pain and destruction of this day will forever be implanted in the minds of many Americans. Many memorials have been put in place to mark the day and the evil event.

These attacks on American soil are now another part of American history that all young people must know about. Terrorism and global crimes against humanity are the new faces that threaten the world today.

The study of these events can become part of an education program for your child, especially if you want your child to do online homeschooling. It can become part of your homeschooling curriculum. You can complement the homeschooling program with suitable videos that will further boost his understanding of the subject.  These are 5 of the best videos for teaching homeschoolers about 911. The hidden secret behind 911 World Trade Center attacks of 2001. A documentary film for online home schooling The aftermath of September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States.  Conspiracy theories about September 911 attacks. The truth about September 911 attacks on the World Trade Center, a home schooling curriculum material. Everything you need to know about 9/11.

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Online Homeschooling: What’s Wrong With Public Schools?

The Jubilee Academy
Friday, 14 November 2014 18:02

Comments Off on Online Homeschooling: What’s Wrong With Public Schools?

There is no doubt that all is not well with our public school system. This is one reason why many parents are withdrawing their children from the public school system and enrolling in a better educational system like an online homeschooling program.

Many thought that the problem of the public school system is just the issue of funding, and that the Government is not funding them enough. Looking at things critically, one will note that the problem goes beyond funding and into other identifiable issues.

One area to look at is the lack of accountability. Public schools are not really accountable to anyone. Since parents are not paying fees to send their students to these schools, their voice really does not count when it comes to educational decisions being made. When students are not reaching performance levels, what is really being done to address this issue?

We hear daily how funds are allocated to schools, but do parents actually get to see the difference in these programs or the actual effects of such funds on the performances of the students that are being turned out? Are unbiased reports given to parents so they are able to see these changes? Funding being spent on educational programs is not always accounted for.  Schooling is almost becoming a wasted venture.

The school systems are politically inclined at the expense of the students. Though parents do not have any say in the running of schools, politicians and business people do. They come up with educational plans that are geared towards promoting their own agenda at the detriment of the future of the students. The old scratch my back and ill scratch yours mentality of thinking!

Another problem students face is a school system program that has a one size fits all mentality.  All students are considered to be the same and are taught this way without any consideration for the needs of each child.  Students struggling to keep up, fall behind and get lost. This is in contrast to online homeschooling where students are given individual attention catered to their learning needs.

Homeschooling online programs give parents the flexibility and control of their students’ educational paths. Parents design the programs to fit the needs of each student. This makes homeschooling online a more probable solution.

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Homeschooling Curriculum – 5 Best Videos for Teaching Homeschoolers about Terrorism

The Jubilee Academy
Wednesday, 5 November 2014 14:30

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Since terrorism has become a global problem without any meaningful solution, there is need to create adequate awareness about it. Homeschooling curriculums should feature lessons about terrorism and the act of using force or violence against others. All people, especially the young need to be educated in order to ensure their safety.

The homeschooling curriculum should contain lessons on how students can recognize security threats, take precautions when traveling or be able to report unusual movement or events witnessed. Such information will help them to be more security conscious and will adequately prepare them in the event of such an attack.

The use of learning videos can be very helpful in developing this curriculum. Footage of evils that terrorists have done and their threat against humanity, will further help students  to understand and to join the war against terrorism. The following 5 best videos for teaching homeschoolers about terrorism are good educational materials in this regard. Terrorism and United States history, must watch for online home schooling programme students. is terrorism and its evil effects, learn the basic truth about terrorism. 25 worst acts of terrorism ever committed against humanity, a home schooling curriculum for questioning minds. new face of terrorism in an emerging world order. International terrorism since after the second world war.


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Getting Started with Homeschooling

The Jubilee Academy
Friday, 24 October 2014 19:30

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In recent years homeschooling has skyrocketed in popularity. Beginning the process to homeschool can seem intimidating as there are many decisions a family must make for this choice to proceed smoothly.  Here are four great tips to begin your homeschooling adventure with confidence.

  • Make a List of What You Want

Before beginning to research what’s available both for co-ops as well as self taught online homeschooling curriculums, decide on what your family needs are from a homeschool program.  Consider what your ideal schedule would look like. Ask yourself questions like: What subjects should be taught or who should teach them? Make a list of all your concerns.

  • Contact Local Resources

Conduct an online search for local homeschooling resources available in your area. Many resources are divided by country, state, or smaller locale. The homeschooling community is a very welcoming group and will be able to further direct your curriculum search based on your family’s needs.

  • Research Online Homeschooling Curriculums

With the popularity surge of homeschooling families, many quality online homeschooling curriculums are currently available. Whether you’re looking for pre-k or advanced mathematics, many online resources exist for you. Make comparisons between curriculum providers!

  • Decide Upon A Homeschooling Model

One of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether you want to “do it yourself” or work with a co-op.  For the DIY route, you’ll be in charge of your student’s curriculum. You will be the one who makes the weekly teaching lessons. In a co-op, parents decide upon curriculum mutually and often hire certified teachers to teach certain subjects. Educate yourself on the different models available and discuss the options with your family members.

Sometimes the hardest part of beginning something new is taking the initial steps.  In order to get started with homeschooling, you simply need to take a breath, do the research and take the plunge! Remember that you are not alone; thousands and thousands of other families are homeschooling. You can too!

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5 Best Homeschooling Online Videos for Teaching about Juvenile Detention

The Jubilee Academy
Thursday, 16 October 2014 17:46

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A juvenile detention or a youth detention center is a residential facility for minors who are awaiting hearing in court, and as part of what is available in our society,all young people who are homeschooling online need to know about. It is a facility specially made for young people who are not hardened criminals so that they will not mix with adults who are also awaiting hearing.

When youth commit crimes, the government wants to believe that they can still be reformed easily, and that they shouldbe given fair hearing in a court, hence they make sure that there is a separate judicial system arranged for them that will cater for this and that will help restore the youth to normal life.

When students learn about juvenile detentions early in life, they will not want to be there hence they will make sure that they behave well in a way that they do not break the law. This is the essence of having it in the homeschooling curriculum.

Students will also learn better and faster when they see things for themselves on videos. They will be able to know what a juvenile detention looks like and what happens to those who go there. Use the 5 best videos for teaching homeschoolers about juvenile detention. Supreme court ruling on mandatory life without parole sentences for juvenile offenders for students home schooling online. it is like inside a juvenile prison.  Home schooling curriculum: Juvenile arrests and detention process. Inside Juvenile detention: The court day. Juvenile Detention facilities.

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Online Homeschooling – Why Your Homeschooling Needs Videos

The Jubilee Academy
Wednesday, 8 October 2014 17:07

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Any online homeschooling program that does not make use of videos for teaching is not complete and cannot really impart the knowledge on the students in ways that media can. A good school program

should fashion their training method based upon what will help the students to learn best. Visuals have proven to be effective for teaching, as students learn better when they see things for themselves, and

they are able to retain what they have learned too.


Some years back when all that was available was black and white television no one ever thought that a day would come classrooms would be equipped with audio and visual learning equipment, and that

students all over the world could be learning using these equipment. With videos, students can see past events related to what they are being taught. These are events that have been recorded when they

happened which you can learn from, for example events like sports, wars, elections, etc.


You can also leverage on the power of videos through seminars, teachings given by experts in the field of the course you are studying. These are people that you cannot meet ordinarily, or that you have to

pay thousands for before you can be under their teachings, but your online homeschooling program coordinator can make the arrangement to have you learn from them through their video presentations.


When you are searching for the online home schooling program you want to register for, you must ensure that you get one that makes use of videos. Ask for it before you register and ensure that they are

actually using it.

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