We've updated our look, but its still the same online Academy you've grown to love over the last 16 years!




At what age can my student start?2017-07-25T22:15:32+11:30

Students grow at different rates and the “starting” age should be different as well. If you feel your student(s) may benefit from The Jubilee Academy, they may enroll at any age prior to the age of 18. The average age to begin Kindergarten is 5 years and students up to age 21.

Does The Jubilee Academy adhere to any specific denomination?2017-07-24T22:59:32+11:30

The Jubilee Academy is Christian and follows Protestant Biblical teaching. It has no specific denominational or cultural focus and is doctrinally acceptable to a broad range of conservative Christian denominations. For more information, please see our Statement of Faith on our website at http://www.learningbygrace.org/LBG_who/statement1.php

What academic resources are included with my enrollment?2014-12-04T22:11:58+11:30

Academic resources and features include:

• Partnership with The MorningStar Academy
• A comprehensive selection of grade-appropriate courses covering many academic topics, including exciting electives. Choose up to 6 each year.
• Textbooks, workbooks and offline activities
• Academic Counselors, available for an unlimited number of questions through the Message Center and our online Live Operator system
• Curriculum Development Team who creates assignments, tests, quizzes and projects
• Member Services who assist with day to day with billing and technical questions
• Recordkeeping that will provide necessary documentation to verify enrollment, attendance and instructional time in the program.
• Students are awarded credits, issued transcripts and earn a High School diploma upon fulfilling all Academy requirements.

What is the parent’s role?2017-07-25T22:04:02+11:30

The Jubilee Academy is a complete, parent-led homeschooling resource. The parent as teacher heads all classes and teaches all subjects, with guidance from other Jubilee parents and staff as needed and the use of parent-password-protected answer keys. While many assignments are graded automatically, others are graded directly by the parent, providing the parent with an integrated balance of control over the student’s grades and staff support and guidance as needed to insure the student’s academic progress and success.

If we don’t like online learning, are we committed to the entire year?2014-12-04T22:10:58+11:30

Families who withdraw within the first 30 days are obligated for the first tuition payment, registration fee and shipping charges. These charges are not refunded. However, the CD Usage Fee will be refunded when the CDs are returned. Those who withdraw after the 30-day period are obligated for the entire yearly tuition as well as the above outlined additional charges. The CD Usage Fee will not be refunded. This 30 day period is provided to give families the chance to see if online learning / homeschooling suits their needs.

When does the school year begin?2017-07-25T18:02:26+11:30

Academy access will begin early in September and the first lesson is scheduled for shortly thereafter.

What are the details of The MorningStar Academy’s flexible schedule?2014-12-04T22:09:25+11:30

The MorningStar Academy has 36 weeks of curriculum that run from September through May. We allow all families additional weeks of access, extending through June 14th, 2015. We also have a summer extension available for a small fee that can extend access until the end of Summer Session, through to August 23rd, 2015. We allow this flexibility to accommodate our anytime/any pace learning schedule so your family may take advantage of travel opportunities or desired break times. Students may work during traditional school hours or at more convenient times, such as evenings, early mornings or weekends. Some households prefer a traditional school schedule, while others prefer a very informal program. The Academy curriculum and teaching programs have been developed to accommodate all styles of learning.

What is a typical daily schedule at The MorningStar Academy like?2014-12-04T22:08:45+11:30

All daily lessons are delivered online via our secure school site. Students login to the computer each day to their Homeroom, which stores all of their classes and lessons. They go into the Classroom (course) that they would like to work in, and then click on the lessons they need to complete. Lessons are written to the student (not the parent, or class, etc.) and contain about 45 minutes of work. Lessons are comprised of content readings, engaging activities, colorful graphics, animated materials, and the infusion of multimedia, such as digitized sound and videos.

Families are in charge of their own daily schedule. Students can do all their work at one time, or can space it throughout the day. Some students enjoy working on one subject each day, while others enjoy moving though all of their subjects every day. The MorningStar Academy has a mixture of online and offline assignments. Middle and high school students typically spend 2-4 hours online per day and elementary students spend about 1/2 of that time. The student’s schedule can be easily adjusted to accommodate family matters, extracurricular activities and unexpected events such as illness, still leaving plenty of time for the student to complete all courses within the 10 month period of September to June.

Distance education is quickly transforming education as we know it!!

We live in a different time zone! How will this work?2014-12-04T22:08:22+11:30

That’s the beauty of virtual schooling! Almost everything at The MorningStar Academy is available 24/7. You have access to your classes to complete your work anytime you are most comfortable, even at night! The MorningStar Academy students may e-mail Academic Counselors anytime. (Of course, emails are only reviewed during normal school hours, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, EST) Please note that the Live Operator (or Raise-Your-Hand) feature is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

Does The Jubilee Academy offer summer school?2017-07-25T22:05:16+11:30

Yes, The MorningStar Academy offers summer school classes. We offer all of our academy courses throughout the summer.

If my student is not finished with his work by June 14th, 2015, can The MorningStar Academy grant an extension?2014-12-04T22:07:35+11:30

From mid-May to June 14th, 2015, no new assignments are posted and students need only work on catching up on their assignments. This time period is provided to help students who are behind. If, however, your student needs more time past June 14th, 2015, The MorningStar Academy does offer an optional extension through the end of August to complete work. This extension costs a small fee. More information on our Summer Program can be found on our website.

My county insists that I register my student as a homeschooler, but my student is enrolling in one of your private academies, how do I handle this?2014-12-04T22:06:17+11:30

We recommend that you register as a homeschooler AND enroll in our private school because your bases will be covered and it is easier and less expensive than fighting the issue with City Hall.

How do your registered private schools work with homeschooling regulations?2014-12-04T22:05:54+11:30

The MorningStar Academy is a private independent Christian K-12 school. We are is accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance and are fully registered with the Florida Department of Education. Because of our private school status, students enrolled in The MorningStar Academy must follow our assignments, procedures, and requirements. Instruction is delivered through the Internet and includes a combination of online and offline components, including etexts, traditional textbooks, workbooks, CD-ROMs and other interactive multimedia..

What are the attendance requirements?2014-12-04T22:04:50+11:30

Since our The MorningStar Academy is a registered private school, your student must meet the following attendance requirements.
• 900 hours for students in grades 4-12
• 720 hours for students in grades 1 – 3
• 540 hours for Kindergarten students.

Students may enter up to 150 hours of Joy Directed Activities per year.

Is there a specific time my student must be online each day?2014-12-04T22:03:06+11:30

Our academy students enjoy a philosophy of any time, anywhere, any pace education. This allows students to work at their own time, speed and place. However, all schoolwork must be completed by June 14th, 2015 and all students must meet their attendance requirements.

How much time should my student spend online every day?2014-12-04T22:02:47+11:30

Each student learns at a different pace, and these differences should be considered when determining if your student is spending enough time on schoolwork. A guideline would be 2 hours for Elementary students and 2-4 hours for Middle school and high school students. 2 hours of online work in a 24-hour period constitutes one “day” of attendance. Additional time is often spent on offline activities, such as viewing videos or visiting museums.

What is the fee associated with transferring credits?2014-12-04T21:31:00+11:30

We will be evaluating your transcripts and assessing fees as follows:
• Credits transferred from a public or private school to The MorningStar Academy and added to your school record: $15.00 per credit.
• Credits awarded as a result of our academy staff evaluating previous home schooling work and added to your school record: $27.00 per credit.

Do you accept students with special education needs?2014-12-04T21:27:42+11:30

Yes, we do accept students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), although we do not offer Special Education Services. It is important for parents to review the offerings of The MorningStar Academy and determine whether they would meet your current needs. If our program appears to be able to meet your student’s needs, you may wish to include our academy as a part of your special education program along with other resources in your community.

Does your program work well for gifted students?2014-12-04T21:27:12+11:30

Our program works extremely well for gifted students as we allow them the flexibility to move at their own pace through our curriculum. This prevents the common issue of boredom in a traditional classroom setting where gifted students feel they have already grasped all the material being covered yet have to wait for their instructor to teach everyone in the class. Gifted students benefit from our “any time, any pace” system as they may opt to complete multiple assignments in one subject area per day versus traditionally doing one assignment per course per day. Gifted students can chose higher level courses from our 150 course offerings, add additional courses if they finish early, and challenge themselves through our lessons.

Will your program work for my dyslexic student?2014-12-04T21:26:44+11:30

Dyslexia has so many forms and levels that it is difficult, if not impossible, to respond properly to this question. The best advice would be to show the diagnosing physician our academy’s curriculum and work together to decide whether our academy would be a good choice.

How do students with ADD/ADHD perform with your program?2014-12-04T21:26:18+11:30

Because of our online environment and multimedia-rich curriculum, students with attention disorders seem to do extremely well at our academy. Our unique online learning system allows students to work quietly, accommodate rapidly changing energy levels and work at their own unique pace. Although we do not offer special education services, the very nature of our engaging curriculum has been a wonderful solution to many students with attention disorders. We suggest that parents of students with special needs consult their health-care provider about our academy’s learning environment to determine whether it may be helpful.

What is the tuition for the academic year?2017-07-25T18:04:43+11:30

Please visit www.TheJubileeAcademy.org and click on the “Tuition” tab to learn more about our tuition.

When are tuition payments due?2014-12-04T21:24:58+11:30

If you choose the single payment plan, your full payment is due at the time of enrollment. If you choose the installment payment plan, your down payment is due at the time of enrollment, and the installments will be due in 30 day increments.

How do the tuition fees change if I enroll more than one student?2014-12-04T21:24:28+11:30

Because of the low tuition rate, we do not currently have sibling discounts.

What other fees do I have to pay?2018-07-13T17:02:11+11:30

The other fees are registration, shipping and handling, and material fees. The registration fee supports the process of setting up a new homeroom for each student, selecting and specifying course selections, and coordinating the selection. The shipping and handling fees cover the cost of the delivery of curriculum materials included supplemental textbooks and the CDs. Many courses also have a multimedia access fee, enabling the student to access fee-required materials on a number of educational websites. Per-course fees can be found on each course’s description on this website.

How do I remit my tuition?2014-12-04T21:23:25+11:30

Tuition can be paid by check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard. Please be advised that mailed payments can take up to two weeks to process. To remit with a check or money order, simply mail to:
The MorningStar Academy
Attn: MSA Member Services
Box 210 24 North Bryn Mawr Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
To pay with a credit card: Browse to http://www.TheMorningStarAcademy.org/parent and enter using your user name and password, and then click on “Make a Payment.” Our online payment form is a secure and encrypted payment facility.

How do I register my student for The Jubilee Academy?2017-07-25T22:08:18+11:30

Log on to our website, www.TheMorningStar.org, click on Enroll Now, then follow the links to fill out the enrollment application.

How long will it take to enroll my student?2014-12-04T20:59:39+11:30

Once the initial application and registration fee are received, we are usually able to process an application within 2-3 school days. After courses are selected, we ship curriculum materials in 2-4 school days (beginning in late summer to accounts that are in good standing). Students are welcome to begin on the online assignments while waiting for their curriculum materials to arrive after their first school day. Students can print most ebooks if they prefer to study from paper, rather than a computer screen.

How will I know if my student has been accepted at The Academy?2017-07-25T22:08:36+11:30

All enrollment steps are verified through email confirmations.

How do I remit my application/registration fee?2014-12-04T20:57:56+11:30

Enrollment/registration fees can be paid by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Paypa.. Please be advised that mailed payments can take up to two weeks to process. To remit with a check or money order, simply mail to:
The MorningStar Academy
Attn: MSA Member Services
Box 210 24 North Bryn Mawr Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
To pay with a credit card: Browse to http://www.TheMorningStarAcademy.org/parent and enter using your username and password, and then click on “Make a Payment.” Our online payment form is a secure and encrypted payment facility.

Is the application/registration fee refundable?2014-12-04T20:57:06+11:30

Normally your enrollment/registration fee is not refundable, however if we are not able to accept your student for enrollment you will receive a full refund.

What is included when we enroll?2014-12-04T20:56:35+11:30

The MorningStar Academy offers a comprehensive academic program for families schooling at home. Upon enrollment, you will have access to a nationally accredited program with over 150 Biblically-based courses to choose from. Our teachers grade the assignments and answer student inquiries, while our system tracks all of your student’s academic records. Your parent account information is accessible at all times. Best of all, The MorningStar Academy is a registered private school, so we can grant high school credits and award Diplomas to all graduating seniors!

What if a student disenrolls after the first 30 days?2014-12-04T20:55:23+11:30

If a family disenrolls at anytime during the active academic year after the 30 day trial period, they are fully responsible for all fees and tuition owed for that school year.

What does it mean to be a part-time student verses a full-time student?2014-12-04T20:54:41+11:30

A part-time student takes five or less courses per year; a full-time student takes six classes or more per year. Part-time student will pay by the course, while full-time students will be charged the yearly tuition.

If we withdraw after enrollment, but before the school year begins, which monies will be refunded?2014-12-04T20:53:43+11:30

The first 30 days begins from the student’s first login to the school system. If the school year hasn’t begun, then you are still technically within the first 30 days.
You are responsible for the registration fee, shipping fee, CD Usage Fee (unless the CDs are returned) and either 1) the first tuition installment if paying on the installment plan or 2) 25% of the total tuition amount paid if initially paid in full at registration; 75% of the tuition paid will be refunded.

What are the Health Forms and why am I required to return them?2014-12-04T20:50:08+11:30

It is a requirement of The MorningStar Academy that all students submit their completed health form, a copy of their birth certificate (and US citizenship when appropriate), as well as a copy of their immunization records within 30 days of primary enrollment. Additionally students will be required to submit updated health forms and immunization records upon entry to 9th grade. Families who choose not to vaccinate must submit the immunizations exemption form. Families who choose not to vaccinate or use health services must submit an additional signed letter stating that medical visits interfere with their religious beliefs. Any student who does not return the forms within the first 30 days of school will be blocked from accessing their schoolwork until the forms have been submitted. You can find the health forms, religious exemption forms, and an immunization form at this website.
To submit your health form, simply mail to:
The MorningStar Academy
Attn: MSA Member Services
Box 210 24 North Bryn Mawr Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

I registered but have changed my mind. I did not pay any money yet. Do I have to disenroll?2014-12-04T20:48:36+11:30

If you have entered your information but have not paid the registration fee or any other monies, you need not do anything. If you have entered your information and have paid the registration fee or other costs, you must contact Member Services.

Where can we view all the available courses?2014-12-04T20:47:19+11:30

1. Log on to www.TheMorningStaracademy.org
2. Click on the “150 Courses” Button
3. Choose your area of interest for a full description of all available courses.

How is my student placed in a course?2014-12-04T20:46:51+11:30

Parents select courses for their 6th -12th grade students. K-5th grade students receive a standardized curriculum, although parents may make grade level adjustments to suit the educational abilities of their student; for example, a 3rd grade student may take 4th grade Math.

What kinds of placement tests are available?2014-12-04T20:46:25+11:30

The Academy offers 8 placement tests, which are:
• Language Arts for grades K-2
• Mathematics for grades K-2
• Language Arts for grades 3-5
• Mathematics for grades 3-5
• Language Arts for grades 6-8
• Mathematics for grades 6-8
• Language Arts for grades 9-12
• Mathematics for grades 9-12

What is the cost of placement tests?2014-12-04T20:46:03+11:30

Placement tests are free.

When is course selection for 6th – 12th grade?2014-12-04T20:45:39+11:30

Students in 6th – 12th grade must select courses from our online listing during the enrollment or re-enrollment process. Course descriptions can be found at www.TheMorningStaracademy.org under the “150 Courses” tab.

Can we change a course once we have registered our student?2014-12-04T20:44:49+11:30

Yes! We want all students to be in the best course “placements.” A student has 30 days in which to “try on” the selected courses and make changes. After 30 days, there is a $25 fee for changing a course. There is also a $25 fee for dropping a course.

Can my student select courses from different grade levels?2014-12-04T20:44:19+11:30

Yes. For instance, it would be perfectly acceptable for a 7th grader to take 6th grade English and 8th grade Math, simply because these are the levels where they would best perform. If your student is in K-5th grade, you will need to contact member services in order to change their standardized curriculum.

What if my student finishes a course early and wants to move on?2014-12-04T20:43:50+11:30

Students may move at a pace that best suits their academic needs. Students are permitted to be enrolled in up to eight courses at any given time. Tuition includes 6 courses, so additional courses cost an extra fee. If you’d like to add an additional course, contact Member Services

Is there a time limit on completing a course or assignment?2014-12-04T20:43:20+11:30

The MorningStar Academy adheres to an “anywhere, anytime, any pace” learning environment. Students have up to 10 months, September through June, to complete a course (although most are done in 6-9 months). A Daily Calendar of assignments is provided as a guide. Our system is designed so that students cannot progress to a new quarter until all work in the previous quarter is completed, so it makes sense to move at a regulated, sensible pace throughout the year.

Will my student fail if all assignments are not completed by the end of the year?2014-12-04T20:42:48+11:30

All incomplete assignments are given a “0”, and averaged into your cumulative grade for a course. Depending on your grade average for the class and the number of assignments left incomplete that turn to “0” at the end of the year, you may or may not fail.

Can my student start at different quarters for different classes?2014-12-04T20:41:57+11:30

No, you cannot start at different quarters. You may begin your schooling at the quarter you are in upon enrollment, or an earlier quarter, but you may not choose a later quarter or have different courses in various quarters throughout the year.

What are the costs for the books and materials?2014-12-04T20:00:14+11:30

All courses have accompanying materials including textbooks, workbooks, ebooks, CD-ROMs and other learning materials. The cost of materials is clearly listed on each course page. Many of the materials are included in the tuition, but a number of courses require additional offline materials that are essential to the course. Students who withdraw before the end of the year must either return all curriculum materials or pay for them. There are a very few courses in which the parent is required to purchase a textbook or workbook, and in these rare cases, that information is posted in the Course Descriptions.

Where can I find books or materials that I need to purchase?2014-12-04T19:59:54+11:30

There are a few items that parents must purchase. These items are clearly marked in the course catalog and can be purchased in advance of the course from a retailer of your choice (we usually have some retailers listed, but the choice is yours). Materials that you are required to purchase (if any) are clearly marked when you register for courses. Many of the books you need may be found at your local library.

What are ebooks?2014-12-04T19:59:33+11:30

The term “ebooks” means electronic books. Academy student’s ebooks are the lessons we provide. You do not have to download special software to access the ebooks.

Must I return the CDs if I drop a course?2014-12-04T19:59:13+11:30

Yes, if you drop a course you are obligated to return all curriculum materials, including the CDs. You will be refunded for the cost of them once they are returned, received and processed by our Shipping Department.

Will I receive a refund of the CD Usage Fee if I drop a course?2014-12-04T19:58:46+11:30

CD usage fees will not be refunded until CDs are returned. The CDs must be unused and unopened for a refund to be processed. As soon as we have received the unused and unopened materials from the course being dropped, we will refund that charge.

What materials must be returned at the end of the year?2014-12-04T19:58:17+11:30

No materials need to be returned at the end of the year. The books, workbooks, and software are yours to keep. The video CDs time out after 1 year of use, and therefore do not need to be returned either.

Where do I return the materials?2014-12-04T19:57:48+11:30

If you need to return materials, please send them to:
The MorningStar Academy
Attn: MSA Member Services
Box 210 24 North Bryn Mawr Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Please be sure to include your name, your student’s name, and the Academy you attended.

What is online learning like?2014-12-04T19:56:37+11:30

Learning happens everywhere! Online education is a way of learning via the Internet. At The MorningStar Academy, lessons are delivered through our school site to students. They login to complete these lessons whenever their schedule permits. Most online schooling families set up their own schedules that the parents monitor. Offline learning is a vital part of education too! The Academy credits each student with attendance time for all offline learning activities, such as watching an educational video or taking a trip to the museum.

What is the curriculum like?2014-12-04T19:56:09+11:30

No other academy offers such a diverse array of courses! The MorningStar Academy is proud to offer over 150 Biblically-bases courses that range from Web Design to Creative Writing. The Christ-centered curriculum uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a challenging and engaging experience for each student. The Academy lessons are student-driven, require about 45 minutes of time to complete, and contain content readings, engaging activities, colorful graphics, animated materials, and the infusion of multimedia, such as digitized sound and videos. Our Curriculum Team is dedicated to ensuring all lessons follow Biblical principles and teachings, and that they are all age-appropriate.

How is your curriculum “Christ-centered?”2014-12-04T19:55:47+11:30

The MorningStar Academy program is founded on the belief that we live in a created universe, in which all truth emanates from God. The materials are intended to support instruction that establishes Christian truth as the complete truth and a real, dependable guide for life. Our Bible-based curriculum expresses that knowledge is both discovered and revealed. Thus, the Bible is presented as the inspired, inerrant Word of God and the only true authority. The Christian courses underscore our belief that humankind is specially created in God’s image, man’s “sub-creative” imagination and powers are inherent from that creation, man is fallen and there are consequences from the fall.

Why do some of the lessons discuss viewpoints other than those that are Biblical?2014-12-04T19:55:27+11:30

The MorningStar Academy attempts to offer the finest Christian education available online. One of the markers of a high-quality education is that it produces citizens, knowledgeable in a variety of subjects (including world affairs) and capable of understanding all sides of an issue to make an informed decision. Jesus himself was very well educated in the tenets of those who opposed Him, so that he could “speak their language” while making a solid defense for His beliefs. Other viewpoints may be addressed occasionally to give the students the opportunity to see all sides of a subject or issue. The MorningStar Academy does not advocate a particular doctrinal view and strive to give the parents as much control over their student’s educational experience as possible. Please keep your beliefs in mind when choosing which subjects you will enroll your student in to minimize having to make many changes later on. To assist you, our course catalogs offer vivid course descriptions to help you choose courses best suited to the spiritual and educational goals you have set for your student. Course selection begins in 6th grade. K-5 students receive a standard elementary curriculum.

Who writes the lesson plans?2014-12-04T19:55:01+11:30

We have a team of curriculum developers who research and write our curriculum with input from out Academic Counselors.

Can we view all of the online learning coursework before we commit?2014-12-04T19:54:38+11:30

No, our coursework for the year is not posted all at once. It is released systematically over the course of the year. However, we do have some sample lessons on our homepage that you can review.

What kinds of assignments are there and how do I complete them?2014-12-04T19:54:08+11:30

• Online Reading assignments are the most common. They require you to read an assigned portion of a chapter, and usually include links to external websites and/or instructions for watching videos. Click “Please CLICK HERE to Submit Your Finished Assignment” when you have completed the required reading.
• Multiple Choice assignments are quizzes or tests. Some Multiple Choice assignments may require you to watch a video or do lesson reading and/or additional reading on external websites before answering the questions. Click “Turn In Your Test” when all questions have been answered.
• Fill In The Blank assignments usually contain a reading assignment and then a series of fill-in-the-blank questions. Click “Turn In Your Test” when all questions have been answered.
• Free Response assignments require you to do some reading and/or research, and then type the required response, usually an essay, into the text box provided. Once the free response has been completed, click the “Send Free Response” button to submit the assignment.
• Discussion Board assignments have assigned reading and may require you to visit external websites or watch videos, and then make a posting on the assignment’s discussion board in response to assigned questions. After you click “Add Comment” to post your response, you will be able to view the responses of your classmates.
Online readings and discussion boards do not receive a grade. They are marked completed or not completed, and are unweighted. Graded assignments are weighted differently and therefore some assignments are worth more than others.

How do tests and quizzes work?2014-12-04T19:53:32+11:30

Test and quizzes are a common part of learning at The MorningStar Academy. We work very hard to help students do their very best. There are many kinds of tests and quizzes ranging from multiple choice and true and false to essays and reports (called Free Responses). A number of tests and quizzes are graded automatically by our system, and students will receive their grades immediately. Our academy students enjoy individual assignment grading by Academic Counselors for those assignments not automatically graded by the computer, and the students often have the opportunity to receive positive feedback and suggestions to help them improve in their work and grow in their academic abilities.

Can I print out the lessons for review while off the Internet?2014-12-04T19:52:57+11:30

Lessons and ebooks can be printed for reference and study. They can only be used by the person enrolled and may not be copied and/or redistributed for use by others.

What is the grading structure?2014-12-04T19:43:34+11:30

The following chart outlines the grading structure:

100 – 97 A+ 4.00
96-94 A 4.00
93-90 A- 3.67
89-87 B+ 3.33
86-84 B 3.00
83-80 B- 2.67
79-77 C+ 2.33
76-74 C 2.00
73-70 C- 1.67
69-67 D+ 1.33
66-64 D 1.00
63-60 D- 0.67
How can I track the academic progress of my student?2014-12-04T19:43:03+11:30

You can track the academic progress of your student by logging into your student’s homeroom, and click on grade book on the top of the page. You will be taken to a page that shows an overview of all your student’s classes and grades. To see grades for individual assignments, or to view all the completed work in a course, click on grade book Details. From here, you can view specific information about each of your student’s courses.

How can we view our student’s grades?2014-12-04T19:42:38+11:30

Log into your student’s homeroom, and click on grade book on the top of the page. You will be taken to a page that shows an overview of all your student’s classes and grades. To see grades for individual assignments, or to view all the completed work in a course, click on grade book Details. From here, you can view specific information about each of your student’s courses.

Where can I comprehensively track what assignments my student has completed?2014-12-04T19:42:08+11:30

You can view your student’s Gradebook Details page by clicking “Student Gradebook” in the Student Tools bar on the right side of your Student Home Page (reached by clicking your student’s name from the Parent Tool Home page).

Who is responsible for grading my student’s work?2014-12-04T19:41:21+11:30

A parent or homeschool teacher is responsible for grading your student’s work.

Will my student be sent a report card grade at the end of every quarter or semester?2014-12-04T19:38:35+11:30

No, students will not be sent a report card at the end of each quarter or semester. However, you are able to print your student’s grades at any time during the year by accessing their “School Record” on their homeroom page at no cost.

Will my student be sent a final report card grade at the end of the school year?2014-12-04T19:38:13+11:30

No, students will not be sent a final report card at the end of the year. However, you are able to print your student’s grades at any time during the year by accessing their “School Record” on their homeroom page at no cost.

What are portfolios? / Why would I need one?2014-12-04T19:37:35+11:30

Portfolios are an in-depth report of the student’s learning year including a standard transcript, samples of completed assignments from each course, and a detailed attendance log outlining the amount of time spent working online and in offline activities. This is available for a record retrieval fee. Portfolios are a great way to show some of the work your student has completed over the course of the year.

How do I receive a portfolio?2014-12-04T19:36:31+11:30

To receive a Portfolio, you should contact Member Services.
You can contact Member Services Monday- Friday 9am-5pm EST at 1 (484) 383-3900 or contact one of our representatives through our Live Help Chat at www.TheMorningStarAcademy.org

What record will I have of my student’s work?2014-12-04T19:36:05+11:30

Our academy online learning system will keep accurate records of your student’s progress throughout the year. Our system allows parents to keep full and complete records of both online lessons and offline activities, like field trips and community service activities.
All of these records, Academic Counselor comments, evaluations and transcripts/ school records are available to you online to be printed out as needed during the normal school year. These can be kept as an important record for your own review. Parents can print out these materials from the Student Homeroom anytime during the school year at no cost.

Do we still have access to the grade book, timelog, and the school record after the year is over?2014-12-04T19:35:31+11:30

Parents and students will have access to the “Gradebook & Timelog” and “School Record” buttons on the student’s homeroom page until August 31. They will be able to print out the gradebook, timelog, and grades until this date. After this date, they will are no longer available.

Are all the assignments at the Academy “Open Book?”2014-12-04T19:34:05+11:30

Unless otherwise noted, tests and quizzes are NOT open book. As a Christian Academy, we rely on the honor of our students to insure they do not “cheat” in this way. We expect our students to utilize all forms of note taking and study skills to help them achieve the best possible grade. If you are unsure, just ask before you proceed. Of course, reviewing your past lessons is always encouraged, as this is one of the best ways to keep the information fresh in your mind.

How does the Academy work on an “Honors” system? / What keeps my student from looking at past assignments while taking a test?2014-12-04T19:33:33+11:30

As a Christian Academy, we rely on the honor of our students to insure they do not “cheat” in this way. We expect our students to utilize all forms of note taking and study skills to help them achieve the best possible grade. Remember that the goal of the academies is to build students into thinking, reasoning Christian adults. Your student may choose to go on to college, where traditional note taking skills and solid study habits will be expected. This is the time for your student to be learning these valuable skills, while also perfecting his or her “internal honors system” as befitting all young Christians. Please review the information on Plagiarism as a supplement to this information.

What is the Parent password / username?2014-12-04T19:31:40+11:30

The Parent Password/Username is a private access code chosen by the parent in order to gain access to our system. Students also receive these codes, but they are different from the parents, and they access the system from a different area.

What should I do if I forget my password/username?2014-12-04T19:30:56+11:30

If you forget your password or username, contact Member Services Monday – Friday 9am-5pm EST at 1 (484) 383-3900

How will the Academy contact me with important news and information?2014-12-04T19:30:10+11:30

Upon registration, you will provide a valid email address. Email is the most common form of communication between the school and you. It is very important to check your email periodically to be sure it is operational. Some email accounts automatically reject academy mail as “spam”. If you have spam block set up in your email, be sure to add us to your “safe sender” list so you do not miss out on important communications in the future.

I have a new e-mail. How do I change it in the system?2014-12-04T19:29:16+11:30

You can change any of your personal information by logging into your Parent Page.

What is Study Hall?2014-12-04T19:27:47+11:30

Study Hall is used to accurately monitor student work time. When the student logs into school, their active online time is automatically counted towards attendance. If the student is working, but not actively on the computer, Study Hall must be kept open so their work time continues to be logged. Some examples of this would be if they are reading a book or watching a movie. To open Study Hall, students should double click on the Study Hall button. A new window will open and it will say, “You are currently logged into your Study hall.” Students can then minimize the Study Hall window when it opens. Make sure this stays open the entire time your student is doing their offline school work. As long as this window remains open, their time spent on schoolwork will be properly counted and stored as part of your school record.

What is a Time Log?2014-12-04T19:27:00+11:30

The Time Log is a report showing all the hours your student has logged in completing your student’s schoolwork. Since The Academy has hourly requirements for the year, it is important to keep an eye on your Time Log to be sure you are accumulating the proper amount of hours.

What is the Family Handbook?2014-12-04T19:26:28+11:30

The Family Handbook contains a wealth of information designed to answer a wide variety of questions. We place it on the student’s desktop so that students and parents may have immediate access to answers to commonly asked questions about curriculum and procedures. We suggest you read the family handbook at the beginning of the school year to familiarize your family with the many aspects of The MorningStar Academy.

How are students expected to get to know one another?2014-12-04T19:24:06+11:30

We understand that the desire for friendship among one another goes beyond the borders of The MorningStar Academy, but we must insist that students adhere to the Social Center rules. The social activities of our students must be governed and managed by the student’s parents, not the school. Our obligation lies in maintaining each student’s safety and each family’s privacy.

What is Joy-Directed Activity?2014-12-04T19:23:16+11:30

Joy Directed Activity is the area for recording supplemental educational activities for which your student should be receiving attendance credit. For example, if your student is reading a specific book for school, and your local theatre is performing a play about the book, then time spent attending this play would be recorded here. Trips to the museum to learn about ancient artifacts, the duck pond to sketch the great outdoors, or your local botanical gardens to learn about plants in your area are all activities that might enforce school lessons. You may also include community service related activities and learning activities. This could be assisting the elderly, volunteer work, teaching a skill to someone else, performing, playing an instrument, or field trips to areas of interest. Learning a new skill, such as balancing a checkbook or baking/cooking something new could also be included here. These are educational opportunities and should be included in your student’s educational record. Physical Education activities, such as bowling, dancing, karate, fishing, hunting, swimming, walking, exercising on a treadmill, running for a cause or gardening can be entered here.

Students may enter up to 150 hours of Joy Directed Activities per year.

Do students get credit for participating in field trips?2014-12-04T19:22:46+11:30

Some assignments are field trips. They can be as simple as going outside for a walk to observe something or visiting a museum. Field trip assignments may require students to write a report on the trip, or the parent may simply enter the activity in the Joy Directed Activity log. The activity will then become a part of the student’s permanent record.

What are the minimum computer requirements?2014-12-04T19:16:22+11:30

Here are the minimum recommended system requirements:
• Pentium III processor
• 256K RAM
• 6 Gigabyte Hard Drive
• 56K Modem
• Sound Card
• Internet Explorer 7

What kind of computer and Internet access do we need?2014-12-04T19:15:52+11:30

The MorningStar Academy online school has been designed to work well with a wide range of computers. The minimum requirements are: a Pentium III processor, 64K RAM, 6 gig hard drive, floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, and a 56K modem or faster connection

Will your program work with a Macintosh?2017-07-25T22:14:04+11:30

Yes! MAC compatibility is perfectly acceptable. As long as you have internet access, you can complete our program anywhere!

How can I read PDF (Acrobat) files?2014-12-04T19:14:31+11:30

You will need the free Acrobat reader. Please go to the following link, and follow the download instructions. www.LearningbyGrace.org/downloads

If I enroll more than one student, do they each need their own computer?2014-12-04T19:14:07+11:30

Not necessarily, but it is recommended. Each student gets their own username and password with which they log in to school with. It is possible for them to share a computer as long as they use their individual logs in when doing their school work. We recommend they each have their own computer so they can do school work at any time rather than having to schedule school time with each other

Do I need a printer?2014-12-04T19:13:43+11:30

Yes. Some assignments have worksheets to print out and complete on paper. Also, some students prefer to print their lessons and work on them offline rather than being on the computer all day.

What is the most efficient way for my student to complete his/her lessons?2014-12-04T19:12:16+11:30

All students learn and process information differently. Many students complete do all work online. We suggest, however, that all written assignments are done in a Word Processor and SAVED before submitting them to The MorningStarAcademy. Many students have found success in printing tests first, working through the problems on paper, revising them, and then submitting the answers online as a final step. We suggest you try different methods at the beginning of the school year to find what works best for your student, which is most likely dependent on their learning style.

What does it mean when an assignment is “weighted” or “unweighted?”2014-12-04T19:11:44+11:30

When an assignment is “weighted”, it means there is a grade for that assignment. Unlike a Discussion Board or Online Reading Assignment, which is completed by the student but for which no grade is given, weighted assignments are given a weight indicating to what degree the assignment will affect your grade.

I have an objection to my student completing an assignment. Is there a substitution?2014-12-04T19:11:18+11:30

Because we are a private school, students must complete all assignments in all courses. No assignments are optional. Those assignments that remain incomplete will be graded with a “0” until they are completed. If you have a concern with a specific aspect of a subject, contact the Academic Counselor for that subject to discuss your concerns.
When deciding whether to skip an assignment, keep in mind:
• the student’s future college/occupational goals and how the lack of knowledge may relate to those goals
• other assignments throughout the year may depend on knowledge gained from the assignment you are thinking of skipping

Where can I comprehensively track what assignments my student has completed?2014-12-04T19:10:50+11:30

You can view your student’s Gradebook Details page by clicking “Student Gradebook” in the Student Tools bar on the right side of your Student Home Page (reached by clicking your student’s name from the Parent Tool Home page).

What is the MorningStar Academy’s policy about doing assignments over?2014-12-04T19:10:17+11:30

The MorningStar Academy must uphold Academic Integrity and is responsible for holding students accountable for their actions. We allow 2 assignments to be reset as “not completed” in each course during each academic year. Reset assignments may then be resubmitted by the student. Resets can only be requested by parents. Parents need to email their student’s teacher through their Parent Page, or call Member Services to explain the situation. Ultimately, Academic Counselors have the final say if and when an assignment is reset and able to be resubmitted by the student. We reserve the right for the teacher to refuse a reset request by a parent. Resets are monitored and can be viewed on your Parent Page.

What are The MorningStar Academy’s PE Requirements?2014-12-04T19:06:02+11:30

The only time a student is required to log a certain number of hours is if the student is enrolled in our 9-12 Health and Physical Education course. These students will need to be enrolled in a structured physical activity that would accumulate 40 hours throughout the school year. The term “structured” denotes an activity for which students provide The MorningStar Academy with a letter from their coach or instructor noting their participation. The hours spent on the activity should be logged as Joy Directed Activities.
To do so, the parent enters their parent password on the home page of their student’s Health/PE course. (Found on the right above “Enter a Joy Directed Activity”.) Input the activity and the time spent on the Joy Directed Activity form. Write a description of the activity and record the time spent in minutes. If your student spent an hour and a half participating in a structured game of soccer or swimming at the local YMCA, you would note this as “90 minutes”.

If my student completed their mandatory 40 hours of PE time over the summer, can I submit those hours for credit?2014-12-04T19:03:25+11:30

Your student can only submit work while enrolled in our program. If your student is currently enrolled in our school for the summer, they can submit any work done through the summer. If a student is not enrolled in our summer program, they cannot submit their 40 hours of mandatory (structured) time completed in the summer.

My student took gym at their previous high school, but not health. Do they still have to complete your Heath and PE class?2014-12-04T19:02:35+11:30

The Health and PE graduation requirement dictates that BOTH health and PE must be taken and mastered by the student in order to issue the credit. Your student would still need to complete our Health and PE class in order to gain the full credit. If your student’s previous high school awarded your student a credit or half credit for gym class they still need to complete our Health and PE class in order to earn the credit for Health that they will need to meet graduation requirements. They will need to submit an official transcript in order to transfer the PE credit.

How can I receive credit for extracurricular activities?2014-12-04T19:01:23+11:30

Students can receive high school Physical Education and attendance credit from The MorningStar Academy for lessons taken during high school. The following must be true:
1. A written report from the lesson instructor or other report from a third party verifying the participation of the student or documentation such as photographs and/or other objective “evidence” that would confirm participation and progress as a result of the lessons.
2. The student must have taken the lessons when they were between the ages of 13 and 19 years OR
Any extra curricular activity should be documented in the Joy Directed Activities section. To do so, the parent enters their parent password on the home page of any one of their student’s course. (Found on the right above “Enter a Joy Directed Activity”.) Input the activity and the time spent on the Joy Directed Activity form. Write a description of the activity and record the time spent in minutes. If your student spent an hour and a half participating in a structured game of soccer or swimming at the local YMCA, you would note this as “90 minutes”. These activities will count as time credits towards the student’s attendance.

What is Member Services?2014-12-04T19:00:15+11:30

Member Services assist our families with technical questions. Enrollment and tuition issues, missing curriculum shipments, changes to a student’s roster, etc. are just some of the issues handled by Member Services.

How may I contact Member Services for help?2014-12-04T18:58:13+11:30

You can contact Member Services on our toll free line at (484) 383-3900.
• Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 4:30 PM EST
contact one of our representatives

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