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Bring the Bible to life with our MULTIMEDIA packed online homeschooling courses.

Videos, Animations, Simulations, eBooks, Websites, Games are all handpicked to create an ENGAGING and INSPIRING Christian curriculum.
Our mission is simple. We are devoted to helping to draw your children closer to God.

Our foundational courses on the Old Testament and New Testament will enhance your children’s understanding of the Scriptures from the beginning to the end.

Our complete Bible curriculum provides a simple overview of this enduring and influential part of the Bible and examines spiritual insights that speak to our children’s hearts today.

The study of the New Testament fires the heart with awe and wonder. In it we read of God’s boundless love in sending His Son to redeem all who believe in His atoning death and resurrection.

The Gospels delineate in beautiful detail what Jesus said and did while on earth. The Epistles explain in depth the spiritual implications of who Christ was and what He did. Finally, in the book of Revelation, we read of how Christ will bring history to an end for His glory. Understanding the big picture of the New Testament and its individual books are essential for the growing Christian.

The study of the Old Testament covers the beginnings of the enormous story of God’s plan of redemption. God’s creation of the universe and the rebellion of the Adam and Eve set the stage for God’s intervention. As God calls Abraham to be the father of many nations, we watch how the special people of God are delivered, guided, warned, and ultimately disciplined.

The remarkable journey of the Jewish people is told in such a way that spiritual insights help us see how our own walk with God can be enriched. In addition, the Old Testament study is a tapestry of magnificent Psalms of praise and wisdom from the Proverbs. For our students, anticipation builds as we read of the promised Messiah who will ultimately come in the Person of Jesus Christ.