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Math 5

Course Description

Math 5 reviews many math concepts and builds upon them in new ways. The goal of the course is to ensure that primary math concepts have been mastered, as well as providing preparation for higher math. To do so, the course weaves together old knowledge with new concepts through interactive learning tools and consistent activities.


In this interactive eBook, fifth graders take a look at multiplying by multi-digit numbers, simplifying fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, rounding decimals, simple geometry, pie charts, practice on multiplication tables, use of parentheses, measurement, real life problems and greatest common denominator. All concepts are expressed through stimulating activities and adventures.

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0. Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
1. Absolute Value Reviews
2. Rounding Decimals
3. Decimal Addition and Subtraction
4. Decimals
5. Long Division and Large Division
6. Decimal Division
7. Decimals and Fractions
8. Fractional Arithmetic
9. Unit Review
10. Length
11. Weight

12. Capacity
13. Temperature
14. Appropriate Units
15. Elapsed Time
16. Unit Review
17. Angles
18. Polygons
19. Perimeter
20. Area
21. Circles
22. Solid Shapes
23. Surface Area and Volume
24. Unit Review

25. Introduction to Probability
26. More Probability
27. Collect, Organize, and Display Data
28. Mean, Median, and Mode, and Range
29. Mean, Median, and Mode, and Range II
30. Geometrical and Numerical Patterns
31. Algebra Part I
32. Algebra Part II
33. Unit Review
34. Fractions I
35. Fractions II
36. Review & Unit Test