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Online Home Schooling Math 4

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Math 4

Course Description

Math 4 delves into major math topics like never before. Students construct graphs, work with factors and multiples, explore geometry, and solve word problems.


The Victory Math 4 eBook involves multiplying and dividing by 10, adding and subtracting decimals, division with remainders, probability, simple geometry, practice on multiplication tables, graphing, factoring, equivalent fractions, column addition, addition and subtraction of fractions, multiplying by two digit numbers and word problems. Math 4 applies math knowledge to real life, using several interactive manipulatives and adventures.

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Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
1. Place Values
2. Rounding
3. Fraction
4. Mixed Numbers and Fractions
5. More Fractions
6. Decimals
7. Decimal Arithmetic
8. Decimal Rounding
9. More Decimals
10. Unit Reviews
11. Geometry

12. Shapes
13. Perimeter
14. Areas
15. Angles
16. Symmetry
17. Transformations
18. Cartesian Coordinates
19. Congruent Shapes
20. Unit Review
21. Estimating Sums and Differences
22. Large Products
23. Large Products II
24. Quotient

25. More Quotients
26. Multiplication and Division Sentences
27. Unit Review
28. Measuring Distance
29. Measuring Capacity
30. Estimating Measurements
31. Fractions in Measurement
32. More Fractions
33. Data Analysis I
34. Data Analysis II
35. Time and Money
36. Review & Unit Test

Course Materials