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Online Home Schooling Math 2

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Math 2

Course Description

Math 2 ensures the student’s mastery of basic mathematical concepts, from counting to addition and subtraction. To do so, several interactive components and learning activities have been added.


The Victory Math 2 eBook covers the following areas: A review of counting, as well as odds and evens, place values, subtracting two digit numbers, tallying, making grids, graphing, time, equations and missing numbers, word problems, adding three digit numbers, multiplication tables and simple division. All concepts are expressed through rich, interactive means, from flash-based websites to instructional videos.

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0. Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
0. Parent Section & Supplemental Information
0. Victory Math 2 Workbook
1. Names of Numbers
2. Ordinal Numbers
3. Place Value
4. Addition Review
5. Two-Digit Subtraction
6. Three Digit Addition and Subtraction
7. Skip Counting
8. Inequalities
9. Fractions
10. More Fractions
11. Fractions and Mixed Numbers

12. Unit Review
13. Money
14. Addition with Money
15. Clocks
16. The Calendar
17. Units of Measure
18. Weather
19. Practical Math Review
20. Shape Refresher
21. Area, Perimeter, Symmetry
22. 3-Dimensional Figures
23. Symmetry
24. More Geometry

25. Patterns
26. Review Week
27. Review Week
28. Fill- Ins and Story Problems
29. Understanding the equal sign
30. Fill- Ins II
31. Story Problems II
32. Story Problems III
33. Using Data from Tables and Graphs
34. Using Data from Tables and Graphs II
35. Review
36. Math Fun