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Integrated Math

Course Description

Integrated 1 provides a basic overview of math essentials, from algebra to trigonometry. Rather than going in depth into any one math topic, Integrated 1 highlights the building blocks of general math and links together various mathematical concepts at an introductory level. Integrated 1 is not recommended for college-bound students. College-bound students should consider Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Calculus.


The Integrated 1 eBook provides a basic level of understanding in multiple mathematical areas. Through stimulating websites, provocative videos, and a variety of activities, this eBook offers a great mathematical overview for students not wishing to pursue in-depth higher math studies.

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Integrated Math

Chapters in this Course

0. Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
1. Algebra Review I
2. Algebra Review II
3. Algebra Review III
4. Algebra Review IV
5. Algebra Review V
6. Algebra VI
7. Geometry I
8. Geometry II
9. Geometry III
10. Geometry IV
11. Geometry V

12. Geometry VI
13. Geometry VII
14. Geometry Reviews and Exam
15. Advanced Algebra I
16. Advanced Algebra II
17. Advanced Algebra III
18. Advanced Algebra IV
19. Introduction to Radicals and Roots
20. Introduction to Imaginary Numbers
21. Review
22. Statistics
23. Statistics II
24. Probability

25. Probability II
26. Probability III
27. Probability IV
28. Review on Probability and Statistics
29. Ratio and Proportions
30. Ratio and Proportions II
31. Ratio and Proportions III
32. Functions
33. Patterns
34. Patterns II
35. Patterns III
36. Review and Final