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Online homechooling uses technology to do what we used to have to do alone. Jubilee makes online homeschooling infinitely easier and more successful. Online homeschooling students are happier and learn more! Online homeschooling parents have more time to enjoy their children.


    Online homeschooling with our Christian homeschooling program and 150 homeschool online courses with The Jubilee Academy ensures academic success! Pre-K homeschool students get a comprehensive interactive Christian curriculum online. For 13 years, Jubilee has been leader in providing outstanding and proven homeschooling online!


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    The Jubilee Academy gives you 150 accredited multimedia-rich Christian online homeschooling courses. Most online homeschooling courses offer 180 lessons. Your Pace! Your Schedule! Total Flexibility that honors individual differences and lifestyles.

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    You are guaranteed to get all the help you could ever need!

Homeschool Online

Homeschool Online with the Jubilee Academy and guarantee your child academic success! 92% of all homeschoolers homeschool online because they know it works! Homeschool Online gives you Daily Lessons, Tests, Excersizes, Learning Games, eBooks, Videos and Simulations--all designed to engage and educate!

Home School Online

When you home school online using the Jubilee Academy's outstanding christian curriculum you get everything you need to guarantee academic success. Designed by Christian homeschoolers for homeschoolers, we know what is needed to ensure a fantastic educational experience.

Home Schooling Online

Home Schooling Online with Jubilee Academy is fast becoming the most popular way to educate your children. Considered by many to be "the best of both worlds", you get a professionally designed Christian curriculum packed with over 27,000 high quality videos clips and Daily Lessons that cover every aspect of the subject matter along with a host of tools that makes your homeschooling a joy.

Home Schooling Online BENEFITS

1. No Prep Time (We do all the work!!)
2. Daily Lessons
3. Comprehensive Coverage of Subjects
4. Choose from over 150 Christian Courses
5. Your Pace
6. Take Courses at Any Grade Level
7. Time Log
8. Portfiolio
9. Accredited

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Why Online Homeschooling is on the Rise

The Jubilee Academy
Tuesday, 15 March 2016 18:34

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Why Online Homeschooling is on the Rise


Homeschooling is on the rise, but also online homeschooling specifically. Why are more parents choosing online homeschooling over many other options? More people are aware of the online homeschooling websites from an increase of advertising, but what factors lead to their decision?


Online Homeschooling is Easy: Parents have all of the resources they need to teach their children from the convenience of their computer. Teacher guides, lessons, printables, worksheets, and everything they can imagine has already been assembled by the online homeschooling company.


Online Homeschooling Expands Their Learning Potential: If the parent has forgotten their high school Spanish lessons, they don’t have to compromise their children’s language learning potential. Online homeschooling has the resources as well as online teachers who can fill in the gaps for any subject from kindergarten to 12th grade. This gives the parents more confident that they are meeting the needs of their own students.


Online Homeschooling is Accessible: Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can get their education through online homeschooling. Students can live in the city or remote, rural cities. This means that parents who are not satisfied with the level of quality education in their school district have more choices because of online homeschooling.


States across the country are reporting that more students are leaving the physical classroom and are taking advantage of blended and online learning opportunities. Parents are opting for online homeschooling for reasons including child safety from violence or bullying in school, dissatisfaction with the quality or content of education, or the convenience that the flexibility of online homeschooling provides the family. They also have the confidence that their child will be gaining the education they need.


The Jubilee Academy Online Home Schooling Program

Program Developed by Home
Schoolers for Home Schoolers

With The Jubilee Academy, we customized our own online Christian home schooling program. We let online education technology do the work for us.